HOST A fundraiser

Community events are an ideal way to support ChildSafe’s mission while also promoting your company brand. If you are interested in holding your own fundraiser, please submit the form below so that we can provide the assistance you need to host a successful event. Donations raised go toward services for ChildSafe clients. 

Third-party Fundraiser Event Agreement

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By submitting, you understand that your event is not considered an approved event until written approval of this application is received from ChildSafe. 

At no time will the ChildSafe, or any representative of the ChildSafe, be responsible for the cost, planning, or staffing of your event, nor will they be liable for personal injuries or damages to property which may occur during your event. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless ChildSafe and their employees, agents and representatives, from any and every claim, demand, suit and payment related to or caused by my event.